Two of Old Guard  Honored for Service 

Jeff Lee
Rev. John Mitman


Two members of the Old Guard were honored at the final meeting of the Spring for their service to the organization and the community.


Jeff Lee, a former president of the Old Guard, “hasn’t been able to stop giving” according to outgoing President Tom Goodrum. “Jeff continues to offer his wisdom to the Board, helped in the design of a new logo, shield and stationery and represents the Old Guard on the YMCA Board of Advisors. He continues to introduce new members to the Old Guard and is an excellent source of lining up speakers. For these reasons, and many more, we present to Jeff Lee the Distinguished Service Award.”

President Goodrum then presented the Lifetime Service Award to Rev. John Mitman. Goodrum stated that “Reverend John Mitman has led the Old Guard, improved its organization, volunteers at the UConn Health Center, helped collect turkeys and contributions for Foodshare and continually looks for ways to help members understand and feel a part of all that goes on in the Old Guard. And as chaplain, John helps to bring to mind the gifts that we receive and bring to others. Goodrum reminded members that “John has introduced to the Old Guard one of our most popular speakers, his wife, Dr. Ruth Mitman, who provides insights for us seniors as we experience this period of our lives.”

The Old Guard

The Old Guard is a group of retired and semi-retired men dedicated to education, fellowship and community service. Weekly meetings feature guest speakers from government, education and business. Opportunities for fellowship include informal gathering before the meetings, excursions and athletic events, bowling, golf and luncheons. Committee chairmen work with civic groups to organize opportunities for member contributions, both financial and donation of time,some periodic, some ongoing. Old Guard members work with Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Foodshare, Salvation Army, the West Hartford YMCA and the University of Connecticut Medical Center. Old Guard members provided leadership in the revitalization and ongoing administration of the West Hartford Seniors Job Bank.

Old Guard Officers 

Ron Van Winkle - President

860 558-2794 (cel)

Richard Moffitt - Vice President

George Stephan - Secretary

Kevin Slane - Assistant Secretary

Stephen Guest - Treasurer

Paul Dean - Assistant Treasurer

Membership Information

Ron Robinson -



Retired and semi-retired


Meetings &


Meet weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10:25 A.M., September-May

(current meeting Virtually via Zoom)



Social activities include trips, golf, bowling, UConn sports, Yard Goats games



Members support local non-profits with participation and leadership



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