Special Notice

Heading 5

To All Old Guard Members,

Hope this writing finds you safe and healthy and at home, as our leaders want us to be (especially those “over 60”). I am writing in light of all of the rapidly changing local, state and national guidelines, directions and recommendations pertaining to COVID19/Coronavirus. As you probably heard or read, the CDC urges cancellation of all events of 50 or more people for at least eight weeks to stop the spread of Coronavirus (which would translate to at least May 9). And the White House came out advising people not to gather in groups of more than 10. And almost all public places are closing “until further notice.” With all of the incoming current information, with most likely even more restrictions coming soon, with the Old Guard Board support and with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I have made the following decisions pertaining to The Old Guard:

• Cancellation of the remaining meetings for the Old Guard year. Following history, begin the 2020 – 2021 year on Tuesday, September 8 (the Tuesday after Labor Day).

• Cancellation of the May 19 End of the Year Luncheon.

• Cancellation of the remaining Thursdays Old Guard Bowling.

• Cancellation of the May 11 Old Guard Golf Tournament. o Later consider a Fall Tournament or wait until May 2021.

• Cancellation of all Special Events.

• On May 5 – send an email blast to all members voting in, by proclamation, the slate of officers for the 2020 – 2021 Old Guard Year.

• Bob Henricks reports that there will be limited volunteers at UConn Health Facility; volunteers can opt out and stay home.

• With direction coming from Dale Richter, Meals On Wheels will continue with no personal contact.

• Continue the monthly Foodshare sorting, based on their direction. Also, individuals can sign up and volunteer on any day.

• Cancellation of any Habitat for Humanity projects until the Fall.

• Old Guard golf and the SROG Golf League will be played (the safest place to be – outside in the fresh air with social distancing).

• Keep the Website updated and be the focal place for future Old Guard news 

Your Grateful President,

Tom Goodrum

The Old Guard

The Old Guard is a group of retired and semi-retired men dedicated to education, fellowship and community service. Weekly meetings feature guest speakers from government, education and business. Opportunities for fellowship include informal gathering before the meetings, excursions and athletic events, bowling, golf and luncheons. Committee chairmen work with civic groups to organize opportunities for member contributions, both financial and donation of time,some periodic, some ongoing. Old Guard members work with Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Foodshare, Salvation Army, the West Hartford YMCA and the University of Connecticut Medical Center. Old Guard members provided leadership in the revitalization and ongoing administration of the West Hartford Seniors Job Bank.

Old Guard members visit Foodshare one half-day a month helping to distribute food contributions. Pictured above are members sorting 7,265 pounds of frozen meats on February 21.

A Commemoration of Fifty Years


In 1966 a group of retired executives approached the director of the West Hartford YMCA, Orwell Tousley, for support in helping to create an organization for retired men.

It was the beginning of the Old Guard. After 50 successful years and after having welcomed many new members, then President Bob Hill led a commemoration of its first fifty years featuring dedication of a tree at Fern Park and the burial of a time capsule at its base.

With still over 250 members, the Old Guard continues to support many community activities and charities. Old Guard members are retired, but not done with service to the community.

Burial of time capsule
Old Guard tree in 2019
Time capsule marker


Retired and semi-retired


Meetings &


Meet weekly on Tuesday mornings at 10:25 A.M., September-May



Social activities include trips, golf, bowling, UConn sports, Yard Goats games



Members support local non-profits with participation and leadership



Some additional information and contact details


Tom Goodrum, President


860 712-0434

Jim Schepker, Membership


860 561-4149