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The Old Guard

Meals on Wheels

 Dale Richter - Chairman


Since its 1966 founding, Old Guard has delivered meals. Over 40 members currently take turns three days a week. Old Guard delivered 7,630 meals in 2020!


UConn Health Center

Bill O'Connor Chairman

Old Guard members have contributed over 35,000 hours at the UConn Musculosketal Institute information desk. 
(Post-Covid reactivation under way)

Seniors Job Bank

Bernie Weiss - Chairman

The Seniors Job Bank has been rejuvenated under the leadership of Old Guard members. Their work was recognized by AARP with a foundation award in 2015.

Salvation Army

Michael Cabrey, Chairman

Old Guard has traditionally staffed the kettle at the LaSalle Road post office on Saturdays during the holiday season. 

Community Food Banks


Food Banks

Lou Aiello, Chairman

Community Food Banks

Old Guard members contribute regularly to:
West Hartford Food Pantry, Foodshare,
Loaves and Fishes,
House of Bread


Jeff Lee

Member teams  sort food donations at the Foodshare site once a month.

John Mitman describes the multiplier effect of direct cash contributions to Foodshare Connecticut

Habitat for

Ron Robinson, Chairman

Old Guard members join others in the construction of new homes over one or two days.
Volunteers limited.

Old Guard volunteers also assist at Habitat ReStore, a thrift store located in Bloomfield for building materials and more. (Press button below to sign up.)

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