The Old Guard

 The West Hartford YMCA helped organize the Old Guard in 1965 and hosted meetings in their facility on North Main Street beginning in 1966. 

The Old Guard invites new members throughout the year!

Member dues remain at $75.00 per year (September - May).

Dues are pro-rated for those who enter later in the year.

One-hour meetings are held on Tuesday mornings, from September through May, beginning at 10:25 A.M. in the centrally located Westminster Presbyterian Church at 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford.

(Due to current pandemic constraints, meetings are being held virtually on the first and third Tuesdays via Zoom)

Attendance is voluntary,  as well as participation in any activities.


Meetings conclude in plenty of time for members to enjoy optional, casual lunches together at local restaurants

Suit coats or blazers are worn to regular meetings,  necktie  optional

In the event of inclement weather, meetings are cancelled if West Hartford schools announce a delay or cancellation. 

Please consider attending  a meeting as a guest.  We think you will enjoy the experience so much that you will soon want to join us as a Member - as over 60% of our visitors do each season.

For additional information and application details please contact:

 Ron Robinson, Membership Chair

Pictured above are Old Guard members who recruited two or more new members in a recent season.