The Old Guard


Hospitality Committee

Ray Goulet, Chairman

Maintains name tag file for members

Invites guests to register

Organizes transportation for members as necessary


 Conversation and coffee before meetings

Informal luncheons at local restaurants after meetings 

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Old Guard President Don Kauke summarizes activities of the Old Guard during the year at the 2022 Annual Meeting.
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All meetings are now available via Zoom for viewing off-site
How Zoom Happens - Zoom Master Ron Van Winkle at the "console"
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Interesting Presentations and Question and Answer Period
Professor John Bell visits with members after his presentation about the Ballard Puppet Museum at UConn

"Research shows that the two best ways to build a 'brain reserve' ... are remaining intellectually active your entire lives and interacting with others - remaining social." 

Ruth Mitman, Ph.D.